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Long-distance parenting: working out the details

There are always challenges to co-parenting after you and your ex-spouse have split up. When one of you moves away, it can be even more difficult to coordinate visits with the children. Additionally, if your children live with you most of the time, you may feel overwhelmed and unsupported when your ex is no longer able to see the kids as much. This frustration is nothing new to you and other New York residents.

What causes divorces to drag on?

Ending a marriage is a painful and stressful proposition, made all the more difficult because of uncertainties. Many couples are reluctant to pursue a divorce because they fear it will drag on forever. Fortunately, many couples are able to finalize the proceedings within a few months.

How are gifts treated during a divorce?

Divorce rates continue to decline. An article in the New York Times reports that for the last several decades, divorces are decreasing throughout the United States. However, a decline does not mean there are not people in New York who will not have to deal with this complicated legal process. 

How to talk to a spouse about a postnuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements have grown in popularity in recent years. CNBC even reports that the number of prenups in America has increased five times in the last 20 years. There are various explanations for this, including the fact that more people are aware of their finances and the risks in place for a divorce. 

The evolution of the definition of parenthood in New York

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the definition of a parent varies from state to state. A recent New York Supreme Court ruling has moved in a direction that many hope courts across the country will imitate. The new legal precedent gives rights that were not available before to non-biological parents.

Understanding insurance and divorce

While you are splitting your home, assets, time with your children and even your friends, one thing that is often forgotten is the necessity of changing insurance plans during the divorce. From auto insurance to life insurance plans, divorced couples must make several changes when the marriage ends.

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