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Who gets the dog in divorce?

Pet owners in the throes of divorce who are clashing over custody of the cat are usually astonished to learn that in the eyes of the law, i.e., their family law judge, pets are viewed as property to be equitably divided and not children for whom custody is awarded.

Explaining simple property division in New York

When couples head for divorce, they usually don't know the first thing about the process or what types of roadblocks they might run into in New York. Finding out as the divorce progresses can be very stressful and overwhelming for all involved. One important topic to understand when headed for divorce is simple property division and what it entails.

3 costly financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

If you and your spouse are drifting farther apart and you feel the divorce coming soon, you must start preparing now. Not only is this going to be an emotionally difficult process, but it will take a toll on your finances as well. If you are not ready, it could do more damage than necessary. Divorcing will always affect your finances, but it does not need to cause complete devastation.

What to consider when selling a home during divorce

Couples headed for divorce have quite a bit to think about and you can add the sale of the family home to that ever-growing list. Selling a home in divorce should never be done on a whim or without performing due diligence. This is a trick process that can have dire financial consequences if you do not know what to expect prior to selling the home.

Deciding on single or joint life policies in marriage

The main reason people take out life insurance policies is to protect and provide for their families in a time of tragedy. These policies protect beneficiaries if their loved one dies of natural causes, an accident, an illness, is murdered or any other reason that does not include suicide. The amount of the policy varies based on the person and their mortgage and how many dependents are still living at home.

Divorce questions: Can I keep my ski lodge?

Your ski lodge is your prized possession. On a weekend, any time of the year, you can escape your normal routine to spend a weekend in the mountains. If it's winter, you get to ski. If it's summer, you get to hike and go kayaking. You've had your ski lodge for 15 years, and it's actually been paid off that long because you bought it with a lump sum of cash. Now that you and your soon-to-be ex are going through a divorce, however, you're starting to wonder if you'll get to keep your favorite winter escape.

Benefits of a prenuptial agreement in New York

A prenuptial agreement can make life much easier for couples that are headed for divorce. It's difficult to look into the future, and it's easy for someone going through divorce to say that they should've had a prenup when they got married. Prenuptial agreements can take a difficult situation and turn it into a much easier situation to handle.

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