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March 2016 Archives

Artwork: the oft-ignored casualty of divorce

You might think that the biggest fights a divorcing couple would have, aside from custody battles, would be over houses or money or even cars. Surprisingly, that is not usually the case. Divorcing couples, especially those of high net worth, tend to have the biggest and longest fights over artwork.

Qualified domestic relation orders can save your golden years

It is said that childless couples traditionally fight over three topics: sex, money and work. Couples with children traditionally fight over four topics: sex, money, work and the kids. When divorce strikes, those fights tend to boil down to two topics: money (property such as the house falls into this category) and kids. While many people assume that the money battles are about who gets to keep the house, which parent is going to ante up for college funds and who owes what to whom in terms of spousal support, the reality is that some of the most heated battles occur over pension plans.

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