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April 2016 Archives

The division of property during a divorce

When a couple gets married they typically acquire a number of tangible assets over the years. They may buy a home, a car or two and perhaps a boat or a timeshare. Usually, couples buy these items assuming they belong to both of them and that they will share them for the remainder of their married lives. Unfortunately, even the best plans do not always come to fruition. And when a couple gets divorced, determining who retains what may be anything but straightforward.

The different types of alimony

Alimony (aka spousal support) is a tricky subject. The idea behind alimony is to limit the economic hardship imposed by a divorce. The spouse who earns more may be asked to contribute financially to the other spouse's income. Unlike child support, the courts are typically allowed a tremendous amount of freedom in determining how much alimony needs to be paid, and indeed whether it needs to be paid at all.

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