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August 2016 Archives

What happens to a couple's home when they divorce

The divorce process is rarely quick and easy. There are a lot of emotions involved, various topics to be discussed and paperwork to be filed. All of this can affect how long the divorce takes to be finalized. Of the many topics that will be discussed, property division may take the most time to reconcile, especially if the couple cannot agree on what will happen to their home.

Spouses should remain amicable during the divorce process

When a couple files for divorce, they don't always know how things will go. Ideally, they will want to resolve their issues and disputes and wrap things up quickly. Some couples are able to do this and remain amicable. However, other couples sometimes remain at odds for a long time, even if they are aware that this is not in their best interests.

Are pensions always divided in a divorce?

Making the decision to marry may be a choice that is made a lot easier than deciding to divorce. After spending years together, people may find it hard to leave their life behind and start to make new memories without their spouse. When couples have to discuss certain divorce legal matters, such as the division of pensions, it can make things even more difficult.

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