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February 2017 Archives

Division of pensions and QDRO preparation in New York

The division of pensions during a divorce in New York is vital. You don't want just anyone handling this incredibly important part of the process. Your pension is important to your future, and you've worked hard to build it during your career. When you look at the division of assets in a divorce, the top two big ticket items are the house and then the pension.

An overview of marital property in New York

Marriage is no longer the best option for couples these days. Many young people are deciding to cohabitate instead of getting married. The divorce rate is high and many marriages are failing before they even get off and running. Marital property in New York can be tricky, but here is an overview of it should you and your spouse be headed for divorce.

What you need to know about QDROs

There is a misconception among divorcing spouses that property division is little more than a two-step process. You discuss who gets what, sign the agreement and that's that. However, there are so many more steps and considerations to take during this process than people realize.

How to appeal and modify a divorce judgment in New York

In most instances, divorce is final. In some divorces, though, spouses will argue over the judgment issued by the court. When this happens, one spouse can appeal the judgment or even request to modify the judgment. Appeals and modifications can be done for divorces finalized by either the court or if reached in settlement between the spouses.

Man jailed for refusing to pay wife's lawyer after divorce

A man was sent to jail by a judge in Genesee Circuit Court for his failure to pay his ex-wife's attorney fees. The man was sent to jail for 10 days if he did not pay the fees. The State of Michigan Court of Appeals upheld the man's appeal and sided with the circuit court judge.

4 things to consider in gray divorce cases

When you hear the term "gray divorce," you might think of the ambiguity or questionable circumstances surrounding a separation. This phrase actually refers to the increasingly common trend of separation among people over 55. Though the likelihood of divorce declines over time, according to the LA Times, one in four divorces involve couples over the age of 50. If you are either in the middle of or considering a gray divorce, there are four things in particular you should take into consideration.

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