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May 2017 Archives

Are qualified domestic relations orders necessary?

If you and your spouse choose to divorce after being married for a significant number of years and either of you has built up a sizable pension, the pension may face a complicated process of division when it comes time to negotiate a divorce settlement. Dividing pensions and other kinds of retirement accounts is more complicated than "he gets half, she gets half," but we are not going to discuss the method of division here at this time. Instead, we will examine one of the tools used in the process — the Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).

Divorce legal issues to discuss with your attorney

As a marriage comes to an end, the legal issues of divorce move to the forefront as both spouses prepare for the process. Whether you are headed for a contested or uncontested divorce, it's always smart to enlist the help of an experienced divorce attorney. You will be able to discuss various divorce legal issues with this legal professional.

More older couples choose to simply live together

More older couples are simply choosing to live together late in life instead of getting remarried with their newfound love. The Pew Research Center says that the number of people over the age of 50 who cohabit has jumped by 75 percent between the years of 2007 to 2016. This is the highest increase for any age group, according to the data released in April.

Benefits of a prenuptial agreement in New York

A prenuptial agreement can make life much easier for couples that are headed for divorce. It's difficult to look into the future, and it's easy for someone going through divorce to say that they should've had a prenup when they got married. Prenuptial agreements can take a difficult situation and turn it into a much easier situation to handle.

Understanding insurance and divorce

While you are splitting your home, assets, time with your children and even your friends, one thing that is often forgotten is the necessity of changing insurance plans during the divorce. From auto insurance to life insurance plans, divorced couples must make several changes when the marriage ends.

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