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April 2018 Archives

Gray divorce causing women to change financial habits

Gray divorce is the name for people who get divorced at age 50 or older. It has become a very common group in the divorce category, doubling in size since 1990. The rate of divorce in 1990 for couples with at least one person age 50 or older was just one in every 10. Within a decade that number increased to one in every four. Women are being forced to make financial changes later in life in New York when divorcing.

Protect your assets in divorce with these tips

Once you've been told by your spouse that it's time for a divorce, you need to begin planning immediately. Don't waste a single minute. It's likely your spouse has been planning for this day for quite some time; he or she just hadn't mentioned it yet. You are now behind the ball when it comes to getting ready for a divorce. Here are some tips to help you protect your assets in a New York divorce.

How to leave your pension to a loved one

A pension is an important financial asset that you have earned from your years of hard work. You can use the pension during your retirement to go on vacation, pay bills, put a down payment on a new home, buy a car and however else you wish to spend it. It is your money. But, what happens to it when you die? Here's how you can leave your pension to a loved one in Oneida, New York.

3 tips for protecting your retirement savings during divorce

As your marriage fades away, you do not need to let your retirement savings to go with it. You probably have concerns about your spouse getting a huge chunk of your retirement savings. The thought of watching your 401(k) or IRA go down the drain may be just as upsetting as the emotional toll of divorce.

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