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July 2018 Archives

Why you may need both an attorney and a CPA when drafting a QDRO

When you and your spouse divorce in New York, one or both of you may have one or more retirement account(s) that represent a major portion of your marital assets. For many couples, the value of these accounts’ long-term benefits represents the single largest marital asset.

How to handle lies by your spouse on a financial affidavit

When the time comes in your divorce proceedings to complete and sign the financial affidavit, you will be responsible for providing as much information as possible. This is a legal document that is recognized by the courts. It's never a good idea to lie on this document, which is done when people try to hide their assets. Here's how to handle your spouse lying on the financial affidavit.

Moving a pension when you change jobs

Working in a job that provides you with a pension is one of the major benefits of your chosen profession. A pension will ensure that you get to retire at or before the retirement age of most other professionals and not have to worry about having enough money in retirement. Most people earn their full pension after working 25 years in their profession. Here is some information on how to move a pension when you change jobs in New York.

Using spousal support to get back to work

If you are going through a divorce, you likely want to acquire spousal support, especially if you've been handling the household for most of the marriage. Spousal support, also known as alimony, is a payment made to you by your former spouse. It is not a lifetime payment. Instead, it is known as a rehabilitative payment. It ends when you either remarry or find employment.

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